PHOTO COLLECTION: During the 1970's, Bernalillo resident and town librarian, Martha Liebert, began accumulating photographs from old time families of Sandoval County. In 1977, when the Sandoval County Historical Society was formed, a grant was received from the Smithsonian Institute to pay the cost of copying New Mexico State Records and Archives photos pertaining to Sandoval County. By 1979, the collection numbered almost 500 photographs. Approximately one-third of that original collection contains copies of photographs of Native American pueblo life dating as far back as the 1880's.

Over the years the society has continued to collect photographs pertaining to Sandoval County's history. Many of these have been arranged on more than 200 charts and posters. These were created by Mrs. Liebert, who saw the importance of having the photographs visible and accessible to the public and not hidden away in files or boxes. One group of 75 display posters is of early Sandoval County families. Others feature towns and villages, ranching and farming, businesses, traditional fiestas, churches, school classes, special events, civic groups, elected officials, weddings and childhood scenes. These are on display for the public at the DeLavy House.

In recent years Photo Archive Committee volunteers have begun the task of scanning photos and entering photo information into a data management system so that photographs will be preserved and photo information can be available on the computer.

LIBRARY: The Historical Society maintains a library, which began with the bequeathal of Edmond DeLavy's book collection. During the mid 2000's, a formal library system developed. The library includes a collection of current and historical items, both fiction and non-fiction, pertaining to the Southwest, the West, Sandoval County, New Mexico, and Native American, Hispanic, and South American subjects. The library is divided into Circulation, where members may check out books for a period of one month at a time, and Reference, where members may review books in the quiet setting of the DeLavy house. The library is open at all meetings. Thanks to our members, we have received many book donations, which have greatly expanded our collection. A record of the donation is kept with the donor's name and the date of donation. A listing of our library books is given here.

ARCHIVE COMMITEE: Members are researching and adding to the collection constantly. Some research findings result in publications that are available to the public for sale.

SLIDE SHOW: This slide show is representative of our photo archives.

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